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What a gift

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What is a Gift?
The answers that we received were sometimes surprising and had little to do with anything related to what we all buy, sell and promote in the Gift Industry. Why is that? Because a "gift " is many things. Some gifts are tangible items-many of which our industry sells-given for an occasion or for no reason at all; other gifts are less tangible-the gift of friendship, for example.
     Even we, who are the Gift Industry, have difficulty defining what a "gift " is and putting it into one neat category. The Gift Industry is comprised of many things: polyresin music box, carousel music box,ballerina music box and snow globe,accent furniture and home decor, books and music, toys and games, jewelry and fashion accessories, apparel and footwear, greeting cards and stationery, house wares and gourmet foods ... Did I miss anything? Probably. And each of those components has its own "industry" as well as being fostered under the "gift " umbrella.
     Is there something in common that ties it all together? Is it the retailers? Yes and no. They are as just as diverse, ranging from hospital gift shops to garden centers, card chain franchises to toy shops, and home decor stores to car washes. Then what? Perhaps it is the entrepreneurial enterprise which fosters the diversity and creativity that is the touchstone of the industry. No matter how large a company or retailer has become, there was-or is-an entrepreneur behind its origins.
     Speaking of entrepreneurs, the youth of the industry is coming together to help lead it into the future. On page 22, meet the Young Gift Executives, a new organization determined to make a difference.
     Now, getting back to the initial question, "What was the best gift you received?" If you think back to when you were young, chances are it was a toy. We in the Gift Industry, consider toys as gift s and many gift retailers include specialty toys in their merchandise mix. The toy industry considers toys as toys, separate and apart from gift s. Such is truly not the case. That is why, when Playthings magazine, a sister publication, was in jeopardy of being folded after publishing for more than 100 years, we merged it into GDA, to continue to serve the needs of the toy gift retailer. Yet we still believe in an independent Playthings, and this month and for two other issues this year, it returns as a free-standing supplement that we hope will grow.

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