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What a gift[ 02-20 16:05 ]
What is a Gift? The answers that we received were sometimes surprising and had little to do with anything related to what we all buy, sell and promote in the Gift Industry. Why is that? Because a "gift " is many things. Some gifts are tangible items...
I wish to purchase a plastic snowdome for a small child; If she drops it, will it break?[ 10-23 11:40 ]
All snowdomes and snowglobes, whether made of glass or plastic, are fragile and breakable, and contain small parts. As appealing as they are, snowdomes are decorations, not toys, and are not appropriate for small children.
Can a snowdome be refilled?[ 10-23 11:15 ]
Depends...any dome with an accessible plug can be refilled with distilled water. A clean eyedropper or turkey baster will expedite the process. Sealed domes are much trickier - even a skilled dome restorer will sometimes break a dome in the process of attempting to open it.
What is the snow in a snowglobe made of?[ 10-23 11:13 ]
The "snow" inside the dome is a closely guarded secret of the snowdome-makers. Early snowdomes contained snow made of ceramic bits, sand, sawdust, treated wax, even rice.
Can snowdomes be shipped during the winter months?[ 10-23 11:12 ]
Many plastic snowdomes, and some glass ones, are filled with plain water, and are subject to freezing/expanding/cracking in cold temperatures. However, we have found that snowdomes will arrive in good condition by shipping domes via 2-day air during even the chilliest times.
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