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snow globe factory work in the order in Virus[ 03-13 14:16 ]
Our snow globe factory has been opened on Feb,10th after CNY holiday although there is Virus during the world. Most of our workers has been back to our snow globe factory. With the developing of our snow globe factory more and more client are interesting with ...
Lerca 2017 New Snow Globe Music Box Gifts[ 02-16 14:08 ]
In 2017, we have many new design product. We don't worry there are no gifts to your families and friends.
2015 Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Show[ 05-20 15:45 ]
Shenzhen Jun Rong Gift ltd has been in Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Show from April 27th to 30th,2015
Mega Show 20-23/10/2014[ 07-23 17:48 ]
Booth No.: 5F-C28
Hong Kong Houseware Fair 20-23/4/2014[ 07-23 17:30 ]
Hong Kong Houseware Fair from 20/4/2014 to 23/4/2014 Booth No.1A-C36
Personalized custom gift into a trend[ 10-23 12:06 ]
Personalized custom gifts emphasize individuality , one product of personality , which means that the type of product styles to choose from and more to innovation ; Second, personalized experience for consumers to enjoy the fun of the entire customization process.
Gift Plating[ 10-23 12:05 ]
By electrolytic plating process is the principle on some metal surfaces coated with a thin layer of another metal or alloy of the process is the use of electrolysis of metal or other material attached to the surface parts of the process of a metal film which serve to prevent corrosion, improve the wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity and enhance aesthetic effect.
Gift Giving Occasions[ 10-23 11:48 ]
Expression of love or friendship.
Expression of gratitude for a gift received.
Expression of piety, in the form of charity.
Expression of solidarity, in the form of mutual aid.
Music box elements[ 10-23 10:47 ]
The bedplate is the relatively heavy metal foundation on which all the other pieces are fastened, usually by screws.The ratchet lever or the windup key is used to put the spring motor under tension, that is to wind it up.
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